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Hand Lettering © Ron Zinn

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Book of the Year!
and Best Paranormal

Winner of the
 RIO Parker Award

1999 PEARL Award
Honorable Mention 

Golden Quill Award 

"Adventure, passion, magic and betrayal are the bright threads Donna Kauffman weaves together to create the legend of three bold warriors out of their time"
- Nora Roberts


The Legend MacKinnon



Three centuries ago in Scotland a curse was born of the long-standing feud between the Claren and the MacKinnon clans.

Now generations later, destiny has decreed that three women, the last of the Claren line, be granted one final chance to set things right. Maggie, Cailean, and Delaney Claren are three cousins who grew up totally unaware of one another--until an inheritance brings them together.

Now mysterious journals and the deed to an ancient Scottish castle will bring them face-to-face with the warriors at the heart of the MacKinnon family, three brothers sentenced to cruel fates by a terrible curse. Duncan is trapped in the form of a ghost, Rory must live an immortal life alone, and Alexander has been wrenched by time from the past to the present, with no way back.

Ferociously compelling, dangerously relentless, they are bound by no mortal laws--except desire for the three Claren women. The journals speak of one key that can break the powerful spell. And finding that key will plunge them all into a world of unforeseeable danger and tantalizing desire.....


The destinies of two ancient clans are entwined for all of eternity.....

-- A week ago, she thought she had the perfect life. Then she uncovers a shocking secret that sends her running for her life, and straight into the arms of a gorgeous, kilt-clad ghost.
-- For three hundred years, he'd sworn vengeance against the family who'd destroyed his own. But now, the ruthless warrior may have betrayed his clan, all because of a woman who may be his redemption....or his destroyer.
--Haunted by visions she cannot explain, she flies halfway around the world to save the life of a cousin she has never met. And finds herself drawn to a man from another place and time--a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
--He was fierce, proud, and merciless, but his skills with the sword weren't enough to save him from a Claren witch. Now, John Roderick MacKinnon has another chance to break the ancient curse, when a modern sorceress unlocks his heart.
--All her life she'd yearned for adventure. Now in the ruins of a magnificent castle, she will cross paths with the eldest of the brothers MacKinnon, a man who is every bit her match.
--For years, he has hidden in his castle lair, searching for a way to change history and turn the tables on his enemy. But the battlegrounds have shifted, and the spirited woman just may save his heart and everlasting soul....



TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT, Brava 10/08
THE GREAT SCOT, Brava MM, 02/09
LET ME IN, Brava 03/09

Not So Snow White
Sleeping With Beauty
Dear Prince Charming
The Cinderella Rules
The Big Bad Wolf Tells All
Charm Stone
Royal Hunter
Your Wish is my CommandYour Wish is My Command
Legend Of The SorcererLegend of the Sorcerer
The Legend MacKinnon
Yours 2 Keep


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