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Kensington Brava
April 2004
ISBN 0758205562






It’s Christmas Eve and Delilah Hudson is on a train stranded by a blizzard. At least she can snap a few pictures…if she can shake the constant presence of the ridiculously good-looking passenger who claims to be interested in her “equipment.” As a professional photographer, Austin Morgan has had hordes of gorgeous women. So why is this bristly stranger getting under his skin? Something about her has him feeling exposed, excited, and hungry for more. And once they’re alone together in his sleeper’s tight quarters, Austin can’t wait to see what develops next…




From: The Romance Reader

For anyone who has ever fantasized about hot sex with a hot stranger, Kauffman takes the idea and runs with it. It’s an intense, fast, and so darn hot I hated the fact that I was temporarily called away from finishing the story in one sitting. Austin is a photographer, so there are certain aspects of the couple’s sexual interlude that may disturb some – but in this reviewer’s opinion, “Exposed” is a near perfect fantasy wrapped around interesting people.

- – Wendy Crutcher


Add this to your Bad Boys collection! McKenna’s Meltdown lives up to its name, and Exposed made me want to try a sleeper car on a train. Pure Ginger is pure sexy fun!

-- 4 Stars Romantic Times


Donna Kauffman's Exposed features two professional photographers who get caught up in the moment while stranded on a train during a snowstorm. Delilah Hudson enjoys her solitude and the fact that she doesn¹t have to depend on anyone but herself for personal happiness. She¹s on her way home to New York City when she's stranded on the train. Austin Morgan is dreading his trip back to his childhood home and doesn¹t mind the delay. He minds it even less when he runs into Del on the landing. She's standoffish and unapproachable and completely annoyed when he snaps her photo without asking. She pays him back by taking a several shots of him, purposely taking her time and reveling in making him as uncomfortable as possible. He's intrigued. They end up retreating to his private cabin car where they give in to their instant attraction. Austin takes another picture, "Strangers. Snap. A part of hers was his. Forever.", and realizes this interlude is more than a simple sating of lust.

This story, though slightly less explicit, is very similar to the first in that the plot revolves around two strangers meeting and having sex, and it works better than the previous one because the characters communicate and question their impulsive actions. They also do a lot of talking (during and after sex) and get to know each other quite a bit in the short time span. A tender kiss mixes things up, but both admit that love isn't something that happens in an instant but is born out of trust and friendship. The characters are enjoyable (though edgy) and foul-mouthed Del is much more of a "bad boy" than Austin ever dreamed of being! Exposed rates a B.

– Laurie Shallah

From: In The Library Reviews - Review #2

Three of today's best authors come together to give us three hot stories about those "bad boys" who are every woman's fantasies. Those men who are very sexy, very confident and not afraid to push the boundaries to go after what they want.

Meltdown by Shannon McKenna

Jane was extremely good at her job as a "headhunter" for one of the top headhunting firms around. So good in fact that demand for her skills are great amongst those in the company, leaving her little time for the joys in life such as eating lunch in peace and quiet. Her newest assignment was to go to the Crowne Royale Group and lure their General Manager away to work at another competitive hotel. Jane's cover was to pretend to be a magazine writer in hopes of getting past the secretary and secure an appointment with the General Manager. But no matter how well laid out Jane's planes were, things became complicated when the general manager was out and the secretary took her straight to the hotels CEO, Mac MacNamara. From the first steamy, sensual look Mac gave her, Jane was lost. The air crackled and the pull of attraction was unstoppable. What will Jane do if this big, imposing but very sexy man finds out that she is not who she said she was?

Meltdown was a very intense and very erotic story. Shannon McKenna gives us one very arrogant hero, those men that you love to hate. But in the telling of this story, Ms McKenna shows us that while some men maybe hard on the outside, if you are willing to dig enough you just might find something more and worth keeping; all it takes is a strong, patient and special woman to unlock the secrets of the heart.

Exposed by Donna Kauffman

Take one man who had a rough childhood and one woman who was orphaned from birth; throw in a long train ride that stopped in the middle of nowhere because of severe drifting from the snow storm that hit and what do you have? A very hot and exciting sexual interlude that will bring down the most harden shields protecting a heart.

Austin was a professional photographer, who traveled the world taking photos of beautiful women. The last thing he wanted to do was go back home for Christmas to take care of some family business and resurrect all those hurtful feelings he thought he left behind years ago. When the train he was on was stopped because of a snowstorm all he had to keep him busy was thinking of his old life at home...that is until he met a beautiful and intriguing woman standing outside the last train car in the snow taking pictures. Old memories were put to the back burner and he hoped new erotic memories would soon take their place. Will two people who very much love their independence be able to find a lasting happiness?

Exposed is a sinfully hot story. Donna Kauffman brings us both a hero and heroine that alot of people can relate to. They have a strong likeable character and they are able to put their fears of taking risks aside in order to have a better and happier future. I just wish that some of my train rides in the past could have been as exciting as this one was for Austin and Del.

Pure Ginger by E.C. Sheedy

Ginger Cameron was a woman who loved sex but she was extremely tired of being burned by men. Why was she so attracted to those men who ended up being the scum of the earth? Wasn't there any man out there that was sexy, loving, trusting and wanted to settle down? Ginger was fed up and decided to change her image and swore off sex for the next two years. Now if she can contain her lust and stick to her plan. Weeks go by and Ginger was doing well in keeping her vow. She changed her image from a sexy siren to a woman who was a throw back to olden days, wearing plain and large buttoned-to- the neck clothes that hid her womanly curves quite well. That is, she was doing good until fate threw a wrench in her well laid plans in the form of super sexy and an ex-soap opera star, Cal Beaumann. Will Ginger be able to stick to her convictions and resist this sexy man who was determined to learn and find the real Ginger she was hiding? Will this man be different from all the others or will he too break her heart?

Pure Ginger was a fun romantic read. Author E.C. Sheedy did a great job of luring the readers in and holding their attentions with a great plot, funny dialog and great characters that seemed so down to earth. You have to love a hero who is strong and sexy but very down to earth given his past super star job and willing to look past the outside packaging in order to get to know what is inside. The heroine was a strong woman willing to do what it takes to get the job. It was funny how she went from one extreme to another and didn't care what others hought which is something to be admired.

All three stories in Bad Boys Next Exit were well-written, sizzling hot and great reads. I highly and enthusiastically recommend this story.

Authors: Shannon McKenna, Donna Kauffman, E.C. Sheedy
Publisher: Kensington Brava
Available At: Bookstores everywhere
Publishing Date: April 2004
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $14.00
ISBN: 0-7582-0556-2
Author Websites: Shannon McKenna - Donna Kauffman - E.C. Sheedy
Reviewer: Lisa Lambrecht

From: Romance Reviews Today

MELTDOWN - Shannon McKenna

She wants to steal his top executive; he wants to steal her underwear. Well, not just her underwear...

Jane Duvall goes undercover to steal the general manager of a major hotel in the Crowne Royal Groups. But instead of the GM, she meets with Michael McNamara, the CEO of Crowne Royal Group. The sparks fly from the moment they meet and Jane is caught in a dilemma; confess the truth and have him throw her out, or allow this man with more sex-appeal than should be legal take her to the stars?

From the moment Jane walks into his office Michael wants her, and he'll do anything to get her, even if he doesn't quite believe she's on the up and up. They meet for dinner later than day, but before the meal is served Michael drags Jane off to the suite he's reserved for the night and proceeds to rock Jane's world with mind blowing sex. But when the sex is over something happens. These two completely opposite people realize something more is going on than simple lust. Michael wants to keep her and see the real Jane emerge. Jane wants to stay behind her calm exterior and protect herself from hurt. Will Jane and Mac find a happy medium, or will Mac's caveman tactics scare Jane into running away?

Whew. MELTDOWN should come with a warning label. The sex is hot, the passion explosive, and the emotion intense. The bulk of the story takes place in about a twelve-hour period, and most of it is spent in the hotel suite with Jane and Mac in various stages of undress. However, it's not just about sex. The reader learns that Jane's calm, cool front hides a wellspring of passion and emotion that she's kept locked inside for a long time. Mac's totally macho, alpha, caveman routine covers a myriad of insecurities and fears. They make a perfect couple, and as with Ms. McKenna's previous work, even with the short length the reader is not cheated out of well-developed and likable primary, as well as secondary characters.

I loved this story and highly recommend it; Shannon McKenna never disappoints!

EXPOSED - Donna Kauffman

Delilah Hudson is probably the only passenger not losing her cool when the train she's on gets stuck in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard -- on Christmas Eve. Del enjoys her solitude during the holidays when her time and her city are her own. Raised in an orphanage, Del has learned to take care of herself and rely on her own resources. But the agitation of the other passengers is getting on her nerves. She leaves her seat to find some solitude and ends up outside on a platform, gazing at the blanket of white that covers everything, taking photographs, and wondering if the restlessness plaguing her is more than just spending the holidays alone, again.

Austin Morgan hasn't been home in ten years, and he's not happy to be returning now. His father has died and he's not sure how he feels about that. Restless from being cooped up in his sleeper berth and dreading the impending homecoming, Austin steps outside for a breath of fresh air and finds instead a woman who captures his photographer's eye as well as his male attention.

The chemistry between Del and Austin is instantaneous and combustible. When these two independent loners give into the passion raging inside them it's more than just lust. But what happens when a woman who craves stability and a man born to wander realize that what started out as a perfect fantasy quickly feels like so much more?

Donna Kauffman has reigned as the queen of "two people in a ..." for a long time. And with EXPOSED she ratchets up the sensuality to volcanic proportions. The passion between Del and Austin is so erotically charged the reader can feel the close quarters in the sleeper berth and taste the magic these two create when they join. It's not often an author can create a romance that begins with white hot heat and ends with so much romance and tenderness it nearly made me cry, but Donna Kauffman can, and does so beautifully in his novella. Del and Austin are so real, in their strengths and weakness, that I found their instant attraction and fast moving romance completely plausible. The story is filled with more than just erotically charged sex, there is also a deep wellspring of emotion as Del and Austin work through the magic that is happening between them and try to find a way to make it last forever.

For a story hot enough to melt the polar ice caps, but with a tender and touching romance at its heart, don't miss EXPOSED.


Ginger Cameron has had it with the love 'em and leave 'em, thanks for the ride, kind of guys. She's going to become a new woman. She's going to revirginalize her life and get serious about her public relations business. Good-bye sex kitten clothes, hello Miss Marple! For three months Ginger's plan works like a dream. She's hardworking, serious, and celibate. Her roommate, Tracy, thinks she's gone too far, but Ginger is determined to dress to attract a nice reliable accountant. No more pretty boys too sexy to resist.

Former soap-opera heartthrob Cal Beaumann is determined to make his new theater a success -- he has to or his brother will sell it out from beneath him. Wanting to fit into the small town, he decides hiring the local public relations firm, Ginger, Ink, to promote the theater is the way to go. However, his first meeting with Ginger Cameron does not inspire confidence. How can this woman draped in beige possibly understand the promotion needed for a hip new theater?

Ginger doesn't let Cal dissuade her, even if he does make her heart pound and her hormones race. She needs this job and she's going to get it. Unfortunately, Cal sees beneath the camouflage to the woman she truly is. Will Ginger be able to hold out against Cal's seductive advances -- and is he truly different from the other men who have loved her and left her?

PURE GINGER is entertaining and fast paced. Ginger and Cal are both likable characters, and the attraction between them goes from simmer to a roiling boil in a nanosecond. However, Ginger's determination to change her ways seemed rather weak when confronted with what appears to be exactly the sort of man she wants to avoid, and I found her capitulation a tad disappointing. That said, the interaction between the two is humorous and steamy and had me smiling as I read.

BAD BOYS NEXT EXIT offers up three very different erotically charged romances for the reader. Each story is entertaining, and even though I found PURE GINGER to be the weakest of the three stories, I enjoyed the entire anthology overall and recommend it highly. Of the three I would rate MELTDOWN the highest for emotional intensity, PURE GINGER first in humor, and EXPOSED as the most well rounded and highly sensual of the three. No matter what you're looking for, BAD BOYS NEXT EXIT has something for everyone.

Terrie Figueroa

BAD BOYS NEXT EXIT - Shannon McKenna - Donna Kauffman - E.C. Sheedy
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0-7582-0556-2
April 2004
Contemporary Erotic Anthology

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